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Old Christmas Returned

Christmas celebrated, banned and restored in 17th Century England


  • 1   The Shropshire Wakes or Hey for Christmas
  • 2   This day our Saviour Christ was born
  • 3   Orlando Gibbons: Another for Christmas Day
  • 4   Balulalow - Ane sang for the birth of Christ
  • 5   John Attey: Sweet was the song the Virgin sang
  • 6   William Drummond: The Angels' Song
          /The Angel's voice
  • 7   Coventry Carol: As I outrode
  • 8   A carol for Christmas Day at night
  • 9   The little barley-corn
  • 10   Robert Smith: A carol for St Stephen's Day
  • 11   A carol for St John's Day
  • 12   Henry Purcell: A carol for Innocents' Day
  • 13   A carol for New-Year's Day
  • 14   The new year's gift
  • 15   Henry Lawes: A willow garland sent
          for a newyeers-gift
  • 16   Wassail, wassail
  • 17   A carol for Twelfth Day/Robin
          /Robert Herrick: Ceremonies for Candlemas Eve
  • 18   Thomas Farmer: A carol for Candlemas Day
  • 19   Orlando Gibbons: Nunc Dimittis
  • 20   Christmas' Lamentation
  • 21   The world turnd upside down
  • 22   Edmund Nelham: Let's dance and sing
  • 23   A song when the Rump was first dissolved
          /A hue and cry after Christmas
  • 24   The Merry boys of Christmas
  • 25   Matthew Locke: Old Christmas returned


  • Passamezzo

  • Eleanor Cramer - Soprano, Bass Viol
  • Robin Jeffrey - Lute, Theorbo, Tenor
  • Alison Kinder - Viols, Recorders
  • Tamsin Lewis - Renaissance Violin, Alto
  • Richard Mackenzie - Lute, Guitar
  • Michael Palmer - Actor, Baritone
  • Peter Wilcock - Bass

Sheet music for most of the music on this cd is available


Old Christmas Returned
Price: from £15.00

Track extracts

Extracts available on Soundcloud:

Balulalow - Ane sang for the birth of Christ

A carol for Twelfth Day/Robin

A song when the Rump was first dissolved

Matthew Locke: Old Christmas returned


This is a delightful programme,
performed with enthusiasm and expertise

Review of the CD by Andrew Ashbee published in The Consort

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