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In Peascod Time

16th and 17th Century Music, Words and Song for Summer and the Harvest.
Ballads, Lutesongs, Consort Music, Readings and Madrigals


  1. In Peascod Time/Gathering Peascods/In Summertime/
          Upon a summer's day
  2. Michael Cavendish: Zephyrus brings the time
  3. In summer time when flowers do spring
  4. Francis Pilkington: Amyntas with his Phyllis fair
  5. Thomas Campion: Jacke and Jone
  6. The leaves be green
  7. John Wilbye: Come shepherd swains
  8. John Bennett: Hunting for the Hearne and Duck
  9. The cherry garden
  10. John Gamble: The Morning doth waste
  11. The Country people's felicity
    Shepherd's Holiday/Strawberries and Cream/
          The Glory of the Sun
  12. Robert Johnson: As I walked forth one summer's day
  13. Wolverton Hall
  14. John Wilson: Lawn as white as driven snow
  15. Bury Fair/Bartholomew Fair
  16. A description of Bartholomew Fair
  17. Michael East: Why are summer sports so brittle?
  18. Claudio Monteverdi/William Shakespeare: Tempest
          masque sung
  19. Thomas Robinson: Whetelies wheat-sheafe/Robert
          Herrick: The Hock Cart
  20. Maurice Greene: Thou visitest the earth
  21. Henry Purcell: Harvest home


Eleanor Cramer - Soprano, Bass Viol
Christopher Goodwin - Lute, Theorbo, Gittern, Bass
Peter Luke Kenny - Baritone, Actor, Drum
Alison Kinder - Viols, Recorders, Alto
Tamsin Lewis - Renaissance Violin, Viols, Alto

Recorded at St Johns Wood Parish Church 18 and 19 October 2010

Sheet music for most of the music on this cd is available


In Peascod Time
Price: from £10.00

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The leaves be green
The cherry garden
The Country people's felicity
As I walked forth one summer's day
Wolverton Hall
Whetelies wheat-sheafe
Thou visitest the earth

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