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Christmas Music in Shakespeare's England


  1. All you that love good fellows/Carol for Innocents’ Day (In sad
           and ashy weeds)/ Hey for Christmas (Dargason) dfm
  2. Rorate coeli to the tune of ‘Beggar Boy’ aej
  3. Campion: Now winter nights enlarge acl
  4. December
  5. Jurie came to Jerusalem acghl
  6. Balulalow (ane sang of the birth of Christ) acl
  7. Lully lullay/Remember thou o man ej
  8. Sweet was the song achl
  9. O than the fairest day
  10. Holborne: As it fell on a holie eve cgl
  11. New Prince, New Pomp acl
  12. All sons of Adam akn
  13. Oyle of Barley acfm
  14. Beat up a drum for Christmas reigns
  15. St Stephen’s Day Carol (Robin)/Christmas is my name (Now
           the Spring is come) dfm
  16. Lawes Tis Christmas now acl
  17. Christmas his Masque
  18. The New Year’s Gift cf
  19. Coventry Carol ackhnl
  20. The star song
  21. Holborne: New-yeeres gift cgl
  22. Twelfe Night, or King and Queene acfl
  23. Byrd: Adorna Thalamum tuum akn
  24. In praise of Christmas aeIm


Peter Luke Kenny – Countertenor/Baritone/Bass (a), Drum (b)
Alison Kinder - Bass Viol (c), Drum (d), Recorders (e)
Tamsin Lewis - Renaissance Violin (f), Treble Viol (g), Tenor Viol (h), Bass Viol (i), Harp (j), Alto (k),
Christopher Goodwin – Lute (l), Gittern (m), Bass (n)

Passamezzo at Hengrave Hall
Passamezzo at Hengrave Hall, May 2004.
Photograph by David Garioch.


Christmas Music in
Shakespeare's England
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