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Old Christmas Returned

Music, Words and Song for Christmas.

Christmas Instruments

Old Christmas Returned: Music, Words and Song for Christmas. A selection of carols, ballads, consort music, lutesongs, dance melodies and readings.

A seasonal programme following the calendar from Advent to Candlemas and showing how Christmas was celebrated, banned and restored in 17th Century England.

Includes music by Attey, Bull, Dowland, Gibbons, Locke and Purcell; readings by Breton, Herrick, Shakespeare and Winstanley

Performed in Elizabethan costume by Passamezzo

  • Eleanor Cramer (Soprano, Bass Viol)
  • Alison Kinder (Viols, Recorders)
  • Tamsin Lewis (Renaissance Violin, Viols, Alto)
  • Richard Mackenzie/Robin Jeffrey (Lute, Guitar)
  • Michael Palmer (Actor, Baritone)

The company of singers and players brilliantly evoked this tumultuous period of English history

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